What Can I Do?

Get Involved!

Student absences can be significantly reduced when schools, parents and communities work together to monitor and promote good attendance and address hurdles that keep children from getting to school.

Absenteeism is a problem that teachers and schools cannot address on their own. Fortunately, everyone can contribute to the solution! According to Attendance Works, a national and state initiative that promotes awareness of the important role that school attendance plays in achieving academic success:

Parent - goldParents can set the routines that help their children get to school on time every day.


Early Childhood - goldPreschool instructors and early care providers can help families and children build good attendance habits.


Afterschool - goldAfterschool programs can reach out to the families of chronically absent children to uncover and address barriers to attendance and help children catch up with school work.


Doctor - goldHealth care programs can take preventive steps to keep children from getting sick and ensure schools are equipped to address the needs of children with chronic illness.


Policy - goldAdvocates and policymakers can ensure that school districts are tracking chronic absence and analyzing patterns.


Foundations - goldFoundations can support public efforts to improve attendance.


No matter your role in the community, you can help spread the message that Missing School Matters! Please explore the resources below to find materials to share with those around you.


Resources for Families          Resources for Businesses         Resources for Schools             Share a PSA


If you’d like for someone from the Missing School Matters Task Force to come speak to your organization, email info@e3alliance.org.



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