Building Collaborative Partnerships for Community Schools

Community School 55 – Bringing the Community Into the School

Community school 55 is in one of the city’s most troubled neighborhoods, a place with high rates of childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease, poverty and unemployment. The school addresses these issues by bringing community resources into the building.

The School Quality Snapshot offers families a glimpse of what it’s like inside the school.

Collaborative School Governance

The success of any governance model depends on building relationships, from the superintendent to teachers. Regardless of the type of board, successful boards put time and effort into strengthening these connections.

The focus group discussion also magnified the issues relating to collaboration between principals, teacher governors and parent governors. It emerged that principals think that parents and educators are too illiterate to understand their policies and they do not attend the school governing body (SGB) meetings when invited.

This is problematic as effective collaboration requires a high level of stakeholder participation and leadership. It is important to establish designated times and processes to sustain these partnerships. This can be achieved through establishing representative site-based leadership teams that include students, families, and community members as well as school staff and union representatives. These teams can guide collaborative planning, implementation and oversight. They can also provide opportunities for continuous learning and support system-wide capacity building. This will help to ensure that stakeholders remain engaged in their responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expanded Learning Time

Adding time for learning outside of regular school hours is one of the research-based pillars of community schools. This strategy allows for more individualized instruction, more time to practice core academic skills and enrichment activities that make learning relevant and engaging. It also gives teachers critical time to collaborate on effective instruction that aligns with standards.

A key step is to articulate a vision for expanded learning and refine what you hope to achieve through community partnerships and enrichments. This will help district staff, families and community partners understand the purpose of these partnerships and how they fit into your school’s broader strategy.

The New York Times visited P.S. 55 to meet students like Kasiyah Daley, a first grader who had breakthrough reading lessons with teacher Vanessa Veerasammy. The paper also toured Success Academy, a public charter school co-located at CS 55 in the Morrisania section of the Bronx. It was clear that the facilities at these two schools are not co-equal.

Health & Dental Services

Our dental clinic provides comprehensive oral care for children and adults, providing dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays, fillings, extractions and preventive services. Services are offered at a low cost to patients with insurance or through a sliding fee scale for those without coverage. Services are provided by dental hygiene students under the supervision of a licensed dentist.

Our school-based health program offers care for common illnesses like strep throat, as well as vaccinations and screenings for vision and hearing. Students can also receive counseling and mental health services.

The programs in community schools vary from model to model and site to site, but most include extra learning opportunities through after-school enrichment and adult education, family engagement services and health and dental care. Research shows that such programs increase academic performance, and help families and communities address economic and social challenges that impact student learning.iii iv

Youth Development

The conditions that promote positive youth development include supportive relationships, healthy peer groups, involvement in school and community activities, and a sense of hope. Youth who have these experiences are more likely to avoid risky behaviors that compromise their health, including drug and alcohol use, unintended pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS.

In addition to providing the necessary environment for youth to thrive, programs that promote positive youth development should also provide opportunities for leadership and skills-building. One way to do this is by involving youth in needs assessment and planning processes. For example, the Boston-based group Youth Lead the Change engaged young people to identify resources that are needed in their communities and develop ideas for community projects.

A growing number of organizations are implementing positive youth development strategies in their community programs and schools. These approaches offer a fresh alternative to traditional approaches that rely on punitive measures for dealing with problems like delinquency and violence.

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Inspiring Quotes for Teachers, Students, and Communication

School Communication Quotes

Teaching can be a tough gig. Sometimes teachers need a little inspiration to help them through their day. These school communication quotes are the perfect pick-me-ups.

This uplifting quote reminds students that every day counts. By working hard, they can reach their full potential in school and beyond.

Teach your students that great ideas don’t just happen; they require work and perseverance. This encouraging quote is the perfect reminder to never give up on their dreams.

1. Everyone Starts Somewhere

For students who are feeling discouraged or like they’re not getting through to their peers, this empowering quote will help them remember that everyone starts somewhere. It’s important to remind them that hard work pays off.

A lot of people forget that the ability to communicate is a skill that takes practice and effort to master. Whether it’s with your team or the person in the next room, you need to be clear and concise.

Use these inspiring school quotes to help your students learn that they’re capable of accomplishing anything with determination and perseverance. Their future is a big, beautiful world that they can shape however they want to. With a little inspiration, they can achieve great things. This is why education is so powerful.

2. Greatness Isn’t a Right

Greatness doesn’t happen by accident and neither does mediocrity. Greatness requires a willingness to work for it and to accept the risks that come along with striving to improve. It also requires a lack of arrogance and ego that can get in the way of creativity, as author Marina Abramovic says.

Whether your students are struggling with schoolwork or facing a challenge in life, these empowering quotes can help encourage them to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work required for spectacular results. They may not become great overnight, but they will surely get closer with every effort. And remember, everyone starts somewhere. Including you! The sooner students recognize this, the better. Good communication between educators, parents, and students is the foundation of a productive learning environment.

3. It’s Cool to Be Kind

It can be difficult to feel like you fit in at school. In a classroom, it’s important to have the courage to speak up and have your voice heard. It’s also vital to learn how to treat people with kindness, compassion and empathy.

This quote is a great reminder for students to keep in mind as they work toward their goals. It shows how much more you can achieve with a positive attitude than you can when you give up and let your negativity get the best of you.

Showcase this quote in your classroom to remind students that it’s cool to be kind. It’s the small acts that will make a difference in the world! Include this black hanging knit banner in your bulletin board or other areas of the classroom.

5. Work Hard

If you want something in life, work for it. The harder you work, the more you’ll get it. This is a great reminder to students that hard work is important for reaching their personal and professional goals.

“You’ve got to ship it 10,000 times before you can get it right.” Thomas Edison

Motivate students to roll up their sleeves and put in the time with these empowering school communication quotes. Be sure to keep the age and grade level of your class in mind when choosing quotes. Kids will be more receptive to posters featuring motivational quotes that align with their vocabulary and reading comprehension levels. Try using Canva’s Quote Poster Maker or Quote Graphics to let students design their own visual representations of inspiring messages.

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The Journey of Online Gaming: Risks, Rewards, and the Pursuit of Fortune.

Embarking on a quest through the enchanting world of online gaming, we dive into a realm brimming with equal parts thrill and strategy. The captivating allure of chance beckons players from afar, promising adventures that meld the excitement of possible fortune with the elegance of intellectual challenge. In this domain, the {keyword} of casinos online stands as a beacon, guiding enthusiasts through a maze of options and opportunities.

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In the ever-changing tapestry of life, the {keyword} of immerses us in a microcosm that mirrors the grandeur of our existence. They remind us that in the gamble of life, risks and rewards are intertwined, and it is our responses to these gambles that define our experiences.


1. What are some popular games offered by online casinos?
2. How important is strategy in online casino gaming?
3. Can I play online casino games for free?
4. Are there ways to improve my chances of winning at online casinos?
5. Is it safe to play at online casinos?


1. Popular online casino games include slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.
2. Strategy plays a crucial role in many casino games, influencing the odds and potential outcomes.
3. Yes, many online casinos offer free-to-play versions of their games for practice or entertainment.
4. Improving your chances involves understanding game rules, using strategies, managing your bankroll, and playing at reputable sites.
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